Abbot, John Morrill 14.jan.1829-1.jul.1868 USA Massachusetts, Lowell - NY, Rochester
pianist, organist, 1863 organist of the Pierrepont Street Baptist Church in Brooklyn New York, his wife was singer in the church choir, [? John Abbot 1863 residing at 171 Duffield Street in Brooklyn close to Pierrepont Street], 1865 as John M Abbot residing at Bedford Avenue near Willoughby Avenue in Brooklyn where he was taxed for being in the possession of a piano, 1866 organist of the Church of the Saviour in Brooklyn, 1866 as professional musician John Abbott residing at Bedford Avenue near Willoughby Avenue in Brooklyn ; son of merchant/agent Abiel Abbot (Massachusetts, Newburyport 26.jul.1798-20.dec.1871 Jersey City, bur 22 Dec Brooklyn) and Ruth Morrill (Lowell, Amesbury 23.jul.1808-9.dec.1877 Jersey City, bur 11 Dec Brooklyn) ; 5.dec.1859 in Jersey City he married Marie Elena Couran (1835-)

[in Pazdirek erroneously named Abbey, J M]

Title Parts

[] La Coralie polka. Schottisch. Piano
composed for and respectfully dedicated to Miss Kate E. Stoutenburg by John M. Abbot
pub Stephen T. Gordon, New York 1851
pub J. E. Gould, Philadelphia 1851

[] L'esperance. Schottisch brillante
pub Stephen T. Gordon, New York 1855

[] Le reve d'amour (Dream of love). Marche sentimentale pour le piano
pub William Hall & Son, New York 1858

[] The fair Augusta schottisch. Piano
inspired by the figure head of the brig Advance, commanded by Elisha Kent Kane, which was lost in the Arctic expedition of 1853-1855
pub Wm. Hall & Son, New York 1859

[] Hear our prayer. Soprano, alto, bass and piano
dedication: To his friend Henry Murray Scott Esq., of Toronto, Canada
pub Charles C. Sawyer, 59 Fulton Ave., New York Brooklyn 1862
arr for military band by T. H. Rollinson, pub Oliver Ditson, Boston 1926

[] Father breathe an evening blessing. Vesper hymn. Soprano or tenor and piano (or Vocal quartet)
dedication: To his friend Charles H. Russell, Esq.
As sung in the choir of the Church of the Savior (Rev'd Dr. Farley) by Mrs. Abbot, Mrs. Sheehan, Mr. Castle, & Mr. Steins
Organist of the Pierrepont St Baptist Church, Brooklyn New York
pub S. T. Gordon, New York 1863
pub London 1874

[] The vesper bell. Mazurka. Piano
dedication: To Miss Mary Ella Trembly
pub Firth, Son & Co., 563 Broadway, New York 1863

[] Take back the flower. Ballad
words Charles Gayler
pub A. Hammond & Co., London 1864

[] Oberon, valse brillante. Piano
pub Charles C. Sawyer, New York Brooklyn 1865

[] God is love. Trio for soprano, tenor, basso and piano
adapted from Conradin Kreutzer by John M. Abbot
dedication: To his friend James S. Cooper, Esq. of New York
pub William H. Oakes engraver, Wm. A. Pond & Co., 547 Broadway, New York 1866

[] Evening prayer "in memoriam". One of the latest quartette's. Voice, vocal quartet and organ
written a short time before his death (published posthumously)
pub Henry S. Mackie, 82 State Street, Rochester NY 1868

[] Softly now the light of day. Quartet with soprano, tenor, contralto or bass solo / Quartet and piano
pub Hamilton S. Gordon, New York

[] Benedic anima mea (Praise the Lord). Vocal quartet and piano
pub Stephen T. Gordon, New York

[] Gently Lord, oh gently lead us
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