Ablamowicz, Anna Maria Rogers (fem) c1821-1916 Ireland, ? - ?, ?
soprano, teacher of singing, also known as Madame Ablamowicz and Mrs. Dominik but 1870 in Riga she used Anna Rogers as stagename, 1841 residing in Sheffield Yorkshire, 19.jun.1846 emigrated to the USA New York where she debuted 15.oct.1846 at the Apollo, 23.feb.1847 she gave her farewell concert and left New York because of a hostile 'clique' who criticized her singing although she was admired by others, 1847-1856 active in Madison Wisconsin, 1848-1852 active in Louisville Kentucky, 1848-1856 residing in Cincinnati Ohio, on her repertoire were the songs 'What's a' the steer kimmer' (pub Louisville), 'Allan Percy' (pub 1848 Cincinnati), 'Had I never known thee' (pub 1849 Cincinnati), 'I'm weary of being in love' (pub 1852 Cincinnati) and 'Willie's welcome home' (pub 1856 Cincinnati), 29.aug.1867 she gave a concert together with her daughter Victoria at the Saale des Wohrmannschen Barts in Riga Latvia, 21 and 27.sep.1870 she gave a concert together with her daughters Victoria and Anna at the Johannisgilde in Riga Latvia ; sister of Sophia Rogers (c1821-) ; 3.mar.1840 in Sheffield she married the polish refugee Dominik Ablamowicz (Poland 1816-1889) ; daughter Idalia Sophia (Sheffield 1841-), son Rudolph Nicholas (Sheffield 15.nov.1843-8.dec.1848 Cincinnati (from chronic diarrhea)), daughter singer/pianist Victoria, daughter singer Anna

[many publishers gave her name erroneously as Abramowicz]

Title Parts

[] We've shared each others smiles and tears. Voice and piano
pub Peters, Webb and Co., Louisville Kentucky 1848

[] There's magic in that little song. A popular ballad. Voice and piano
dedication : arranged for and respectfully dedicated to Mrs. J. C. Ford by Madama Anna Ablamowicz
pub John M'Fadyen Music Warehouse, Glasgow 29mar1844
pub Peters, Webb & Co., Louisville Kentucky 1849
pub Peters, Field & Co., Cincinnati 1849
pub W. C. Peters, Baltimore 1849
pub John F. Ellis  Co., Washington DC

this song became popular in the USA 5 years after it had been published in Europe
advertizements of "There's magic in that little song" all without the name of the composer :
- advertized as : "J. M'F. has Republished all his Fashionable Quadrilles and Songs", John M'Fadyen Music Warehouse, 52 Queen Street, Glasgow 29mar1844
- advertized as : "new and fashionable music recently received by John B. West", Nashville Tennessee 7feb1850
- advertized as : "New Music received this day, a supply of those popular songs", Peters & Field, Sandusky Ohio 16feb1850

[] What joy to be near thee. Serenade. Voice and piano
dedication : written, composed & affectionately inscribed to her pupil Miss Julia K. Anderson
pub and copyright W. C. Peters Cincinnati Ohio 1851
pub Peters, Webb and Co., Louisville Kentucky 1851
pub Balmer & Weber, St Louis Missouri 1851

[] Oh! Friendship, sacred be thy power. Ballad
dedication : dedicated with sentiments of esteem and sincere regard to Mrs. Thomas H. Shreeve "for the Ladies Musical Library"
pub S. Brainard & Co., Cleveland 1851

[] The vale of Avoca. 1852
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