Acock nee Peacock, Gwendolyn Mabel Stuart 1.jun.1906-13.oct.1997 Australia Tasmania, Zeehan - Scotland, Dunfermline
pianist, composer, but she published only one composition, 13.oct.1946 with her husband she arrived by airplane from Melbourne at Honolulu Hawaii, the same year settling in Washington DC where her husband became economist United Nations, 19.dec.1948 with her husband she arrived by airplane from Sydney at San Francisco on their way to their temporary address 1201 Connecticut Avenue in Washington DC, 1950 residing with her husband, daughter and son at 3000 30th Street/R Street in Washington DC, 22.mar.1951 with her husband she departed by ship from New York for Naples Italy where her husband was given a position in Rome, at least around 1957 and 1969 they resided or stayed in or near London, 24.dec.1972 it was reported that she resided in Rome, unknown if she remained in England after the death of her husband and when she settled with her daughter in Scotland ; daughter of Archie Charles Peacock (Tasmania, Sorell 8.aug.1884-16.jul.1956 Tasmania, Hobart) and Mabel Mary Stuart (Tasmania, Kingston 3.jun.1877-14.oct.1935 Hobart) ; 26.aug.1926 in Burnie Tasmania Australia she married Daniel Eugene Cooper (Staffordshire, West Bromwich 25.feb.1904-20.mar.1977 Australia, Greenslopes), divorced ; daughter Leonie Erskine Cooper (Australia, Launceston 5.jan.1930-9.apr.2001 Scotland, Aberdour) ; 4.nov.1944 in Victoria Australia she married scientist Dr. Adrian Martin Acock (South Africa, Capetown 17.jul.1913-30.nov.1969 England, South West Surrey) ; son John Stuart (Washington DC 1949-)

Title Parts

[] Serenade. Violin and piano
pub Paterson's Publications Ltd., London 23jan1957

[] African skies
words and music Viola Ilma, music Gwendolyn Acock
copyright Lili Ilma Gielgud (sister of Viola) USA 4may1961

[rem: Gwendolyn left the USA in 1951 for Europe where she lived for the rest of her life, so probably composed more than 10 years earlier]

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