Adams, Carrie Belle Wilson (fem) 21.jul.1859-30.dec.1940 USA Ohio, Oxford - Oregon, Portland
organist, choirmaster, 1867 she sang in Dr. Horatio R Palmer's convention choir in Millville Ohio, self-taught in organ, studied harmony, singing and composition with her father, choral conducting with Horatio R Palmer, anthem writing with William T Giffe and dramatic expression with James A Butterfield, 1876 she published her first anthem, 1876-1878 organist/choirmaster of the Presbyterian Church in Paris Illinois, 1876-1881 director of the Paris Philharmonic Society, 1882-1907 organist of the First Congregational Church in Terre Haute Indiana, 1887-1895 director of music at Indiana State Normal School, 1883-1900 organist of the Oratorio Society, 1908 organist/choirmaster of Central Christian Church in Terre Haute, 1909-1917 conductor of the Junior Chorus Choir, 1916-1917 chairman of the Indiana Music Teachers Association, 1910 editor of the Choir Herald of Lorenz Publishing Dayton Ohio composing an anthem for each month's issue, 1931 residing at 1702 Division Street in Portland Oregon, according to Osburn she composed about 4000 anthems ; daughter of singing teacher David Wilson (Ohio 1828-) and Alice Jane Meyers (Ohio 1841-) ; 21.jul.1880 in Paris Illinois she married bass singer Allyn Grover Adams (Illinois, Paris 9.sep.1852-31.jan.1936 Portland)

Title Parts

[] The National Flower. Operetta. Mooresville 1922
pub J. Church, Cincinnati 1921

[] The Easter triumph. Cantata. 1940
[] Into the silent land. Song. Choir
words Palmer

[] The lone river. Song. Choir
words Enzdry

[] The wondrous story. Song. Choir
words Kohler

[] Remember now thy Creator. Anthem
[] One flag, one country, one God. Partsong
[] Our hearts are happy and light. Partsong
[] Predicaments. Partsong
[] Tubal Cain. Children's voices
[] Songs new and old. Song collection
[] Redeemer the King. Cantata
[] Chimes of yesterday. Operetta
[] The Anglican choir. Christmas cantata
[] Christmas adorations. Cantata
[] Easter praise. Cantata
[] Resurrection hope. Cantata
[] The heavenly light. Cantata
[] Praise and Thanksgiving. Cantata
[] See America first. Operetta
[] A tale of a hat. Operetta
[] Old cabin home minstrels. Operetta
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