Adams, Charles Runney 9.feb.1834-4.jul.1900 USA Massachusetts, Boston Charlestown - West Harwich
tenor, studied voice with Carlo Barbieri in Vienna Austria, 1861 he made concert appearances in the West Indies and Netherlands, 1867-1876 engaged as tenor at the Vienna Imperial Opera, 1879 singing teacher in Boston ; son of piano dealer Charles Adams (Boston Cambridge 12.feb.1809-13.oct.1890 Cambridge) and Eliza Ann Runney (Cambridge 1.nov.1812-1887) ; 20.jun.1855 in Boston he married Catherine S Holbrook (Massachusetts, Truro 24.jun.1834-) ; 22.jul.1893 aged 59 in Harwich he married 25 year old Sally G Friess (Michigan 1868-)

Title Parts

[] Tyrolienne "The nightingale". Soprano and piano. 1879
[] The Lord's prayer. Medium voice and piano
pub A. P. Schmidt, Boston 1887

[] Tis for money. Song and chorus
music Charl Adams - ? Charles Runney
pub Oliver Ditson, Boston

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