Adams, Joseph Henry (pseud: Arnold Beresford ; Manville Brooke) 28.sep.1863-6.may.1938 England Warwickshire, Birmingham Aston Manor - Sussex, Worthing
pianist, organist, choral conductor, born at Berner Street in Aston Manor, 10.jan.1864 baptized at St Matthias in Birmingham, studied music with Alfred R Gaul, Charles Santley, John Pearce and organ with William Stockley, he was conductor of the Birmingham Choral and Orchestral Union, organist at several churches and adjucated at many musical festivals, music publisher as The Joseph Adams Music Publishing Co. at 123 Colmore Row in Birmingham, member of the Incorporated Society of Musicians and Provincial Grand Organist Warwickshire & Worcestershire Masons, 1911 residing at Glenroy in Birmingham Sutton Coldfield, 1937 residing at Garth Rotton Park Road in Birmingham Edgbaston ; son of jeweller Joseph Adams (Warwickshire, Coventry 14.jan.1839-1888 Coventry) and electro plate burnisher Elizabeth Walton (Coventry 17.oct.1836-) ; 1886 in West Bromwich he married musician Emma Jane 'Emily' Phillips (Birmingham 1864-)

Title Parts

[] Sun of my soul. Choir. 1901
[] The Lord is my shepherd. Anthem. Choir. 1912
[] Psalm 103 Praise the Lord O my soul. Choir
[] A psalm of praise. Cantata. Choir
[] The gentle shepherd. Sacred song
words Wilfrid Mills
pub The Joseph Adams Music Publishing Co., 123 Colmore Row, Birmingham

[] Behold the dawn. Song
[] I wonder. Song
[] The planter. Song
[] The spirit of the storm. Song
[] A song of hope. Song
[] The Nazarene. Sacred song
[] Divine love. Song
[] My kingdom. Song
[] If I should tell you. Song
[] Two songs. Song [] 1 - Stars
[] 2 - Adoration
[] The little dutch tile. Song
[] King Conor. Cantata
[] Behold the sun. Anthem. Choir
[] Sing to the Lord. Anthem
[] An Autumn reverie. Piano
[] The springtime of life. Vocal duet
[] Let's pretend. Musical monologue
[] Swiss scenes. Miniature suite
[] Les Roses. For piano, violin, viola, cello, flute, oboe, clarinet or cornet solos. op22
pub Novello & Co., London 1906

[] An old salt's yarn
as Manville Brooke

[] Girls in khaki. Song
as Arnold Beresford

[] Come back home. Song
as Arnold Beresford

[] Cheer O!. Song
as Arnold Beresford

[] Britain. Song
as Arnold Beresford

[] England. Song
as Arnold Beresford

[] Botany. Song
as Arnold Beresford

[] All my world. Song
as Arnold Beresford

[] The mighty sea. Song
as Arnold Beresford

[] Yo heave ho, my lads. Song
as Arnold Beresford

[] England. March for piano
as Arnold Beresford

[] Shadow dance. Intermezzo
as Arnold Beresford

[] Moonbeams. Intermezzo
as Arnold Beresford

[] The Lady Noggs. Waltz
as Arnold Beresford

[] Out for the night. One or Two-step
as Arnold Beresford

[] The poet's dream. Waltz
as Arnold Beresford

[] Bless the Lord, O my soul. Cantata
[] Great is the Lord. Cantata
[] A song of Thanksgiving. Cantata
[] Gethsemane. Cantata
[] The divine comforter. Sacred song
[] God so loved the world. Sacred song
[] My heart gives thanks. Song
[] Sing for the joy of life. Song
[] I love Thee. Song
[] To-day is mine. Song
[] Bless the Lord. Anthem. Choir
[] The answer of your heart in F, G, B

[] The celestial. Anthem in G, B, C (F ad lib.)
Collegiate series 117, Ashdown, Williams

[] Behind the veil

[] Behold the sun. SATB

[] Bless the Lord, o my soul

[] A Burmese love song

[] By the Garden Gate

[] Capernaum in C, D, F
Hopwood, Williams

[] Children's friend. S, MS, A, B

[] The city of the King
Hopwood, Sabbath Gems Book III. No.5

[] A day in summer. A juvenile cantata

[] The demons of the air in C, D

[] The first Easter-Morn. CA or A, MS (Violin, flute, cello or organ obl.)

[] Orpheus. Song

[] Funny little niggers
Hopwood, Williams

[] Galilei in E, F, G (Violin, cello obl.). Song

[] The garden of love. S, MS, A and pianp
[] The gentle shepherd. Baritone Soprano

[] A gipsy king

[] Gladiator

[] A glimpse of heaven

[] Greatest gift. Cello obl.
Hopwood, Williams

[] Heavenly choir

[] I will give you rest. with organ and cello
Hopwood, Williams Sabbath Gems Book IV No.1 & B. IV No.5

[] I wait your coming

[] Kathleen O'Rell

[] Man of sorrows

[] Merry castonetta. with guitar

[] The Muleteer
Hopwood, Williams

[] My Kingdom in F, G, A
Novello, Williams

[] Myrtle. A river idyl
Leonard, Williams

[] Once again the rays of sun. Choral

[] The Queen's own in E, F

[] The river of life

[] Silver wrings

[] Song of the smith

[] Song of thanksgiving

[] Stand by the old flag. March. Piano

[] Star of the south

[] Summer serenade

[] Sun of my soul CA in D, C

[] Sunrise. Choir

[] Titania. Grand valse de concert. Piano

[] Abide with me. Vesper hymn with organ
Sabbath Gems Book II. No.4 (Organist's repert.) Hopwood

[] A Venetian love

[] Vox Christi. Solo with dist. choir

[] When all the world is sleeping. S, MS, A and piano
Boston Music Co.

[] Your festal day (St Paul's Music leaflets 151)

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