Adelung, Olga von (fem) 18??[c1835]- Germany, ? - ?, ?
zither player

[? writer Olga von Adelung, born 18.sep.1864 in Oberesslingen near Stuttgart near Schwarzwald, sister of writer/painter Sophie von Adelung (Stuttgart 11.mar.1850-15.jun.1927 Stuttgart)]

Title Parts

[] Veigerln. Zither. op1
pub Bosworth & Co., Leipzig

[] Heimweh. Landler. Zither. op2
pub Ebner, Ludwigsburg near Stuttgart. 1890

[] Schwarzwaldtannen. Landler. Zither. op3
pub Ebner, Ludwigsburg near Stuttgart. 1893

without titles of compositions listed in
Woman's Work in Music. Arthur Elson. L. C. Page & Company, Boston. 1903, Third Impression 1908
Women Composers. A biographical handbook of Womens Work in Music. New York, Chandler-Ebel. 1913

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