Adler, Gyorgy (Georg) 20.apr.1789-29.mar.1862 Hungary, Mosonszentjanos - Buda (Ofen) (now Budapest)
violinist, choirmaster, 1800-1827 church musician in Gyor, 1838-1862 choirmaster at the Matyas church in Buda ; father of Vincent

[Fetis gives incorrectly born Buda c1806]
[Grove 1980 gives incorrectly born Gyor, died 1867]

Title Parts

[] Sonata. Piano and violin. op3
pub Haslinger, Vienna

[] Libera me Domine. 4vv Choir and organ. op11
pub Haslinger, Vienna

[] Sonata in E flat. Piano 4-hands. op27
pub Diabelli, Vienna 1836

[] Sonatine facile et agreable in G. op49
pub Gloggl Vienna 1853

[] Per signum crucis. 4 Voices, orchestra and organ. 1852
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