Aguirre Azurza, Jose Alberto 7.aug.1886-23.sep.1973 Spain Guipuzcoa, Regil - Andoain
organist, 1901 his family moved to Orio, studied music in San Sebastian and Tolosa, 17.may.1914 bandmaster of Banda Municipal in Andoain, 1914 organist of the parish church San Martin, teacher solfege and singing at the seminary of Andoain, later teaching privately

Title Parts

[] Requiem. 3vv and organ
[] Ave Maria. Voice and organ
[] Salve regina. 2vv and organ
[] Lauda Jerusalem. 4vv and organ
[] Missa in honorem beatae Marise Virgines de Asansasor. 4vv and organ
[] Missa in honorem Sancte Crusis. 4vv and organ
[] A Cristo Rey. Hymn. 3vv and organ
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