Allan, William Joseph 11.feb.1845-11.mar.1909 England Yorkshire, Leeds - Lancashire, Southport
violist, professor of music, teacher of violin and viola, 12.may.1845 baptized at St Peter while residing at 47 Copenhagen Street in Leeds, 1851 residing with his widowed mother and 3 siblings at 47 Copenhagen Street, 1870 as solicitors clerk residing at Basinghall Street in Leeds, 1871-1883 as professor of music/teacher of violin and viola residing at 2 Stamford Street in Leeds, 1891-1895 as professor of music/teacher violin residing at 103 Portland Street in Southport, 30.oct.1900 residing at 5 Nelson Street in Southport, 31.mar.1901 as professor of music/teacher violin residing at 10 Nolan Street in Southport, at time of death residing at 71 Duke Street ; son of cabinet maker John Allan (Leeds 25.mar.1798-7.mar.1851 Leeds) and Martha Whitaker (Leeds 16.mar.1804-21.apr.1878 Leeds) who married 15.nov.1822 at St Peter in Leeds ; 8.may.1869 in Leeds he married Hannah Maria Wood (Cheshire, Macclesfield 1850-1898 Southport) ; son composer Ernest Allan ; 30.oct.1900 at St Philip and St Paul in Southport he married Esther Walker wid Johnson (Lancashire, Bolton 1860-)

Title Parts

[] Jolly comrades. American two-step. Pianoforte
pub Francis, Day & Hunter, London 1896

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