Allen, Robert Eugene 1.feb.1918-29.jul.2002 USA Minnesota, Minneapolis - NY, New York
12.jan.1920 aged 1 year and 11 months residing at 1805 3rd Avenue, 15.apr.1930 aged 12 residing at 201 East 25th Street, 3.apr.1940 aged 20 (actually 22) as sales clerk residing with his parents at 3234 Nicollet Avenue in Minneapolis, educated at Central High School in Minneapolis, studied composition with Frances Richter in Minneapolis and Kurt George Roger in New York City, editor for Carl Fischer Inc and Franco Columbo Inc in New York, since 1960 member of ASCAP, 1976-1983 residing at 37 Charles Street in New York City ; son of livestock dealer Albert Eugene Allen (Minneapolis 2.may.1877-) and Mary Jane Connolly (England 1879-) ; brother of club entertainer Thomas Eugene Allen (Minneapolis 1904-)

[Anderson 1976 and ASCAP 1980 give erroneously born 1.feb.1920]

Title Parts

[] Away. Song for voice and piano. op2/2
poem by Walter de la Mare
pub Galaxy Music Corp., New York 8mar1948
copyright renewal Robert E. Allen 4mar1976

[] Vocalise. Soprano and piano. op2/3
pub Marian Anderson Collection of Printed Music Galaxy Music Corp., New York 28apr1949

[] The flight. Soprano and piano. op7/2
words Sara Teasdale
pub Galaxy Music Corp., New York 1dec1950

[] Sonata. Violin and piano. op8
pub John Markert & Co., New York 15aug1953

[] O God of peace. Anthem. SATB Choir and organ
text from the Book of common prayer
pub (Church music review no.2466) H. W. Gray Co. Inc., New York 26apr1957

[] Sing, soul of mine. Easter song for medium voice. op13/2
pub H. W. Gray, New York 1jan1958

[] Christ the Lord is risen again. Easter anthem for mixed voices, based on the 12th century latin melody Christ ist erstanden
words Michael Weisse 1531, english text by Catherine Winkworth, arr. Robert E. Allen
pub (Galleon choral series G.C.S.2003) Galleon Press 3feb1958

[] The carol of the shepherds. Mixed voices a cappella
words by R. E. A., traditional French tune, arr. Robert E. Allen
pub (Galleon choral series 1015) Galleon Press 23sep1961

[] Sleep, my little one. Christmas carol for SATB with descant for soprano solo or youth choir
extensive alteration of traditional text plus original sentences Paul E. Giasson, music 17th century Dutch carol arr. by Robert E. Allen
pub (Galleon choral series 1012) Galleon Press 28sep1961

[] He is born, this child divine. Christmas carol for SATB a cappella
English text by Paul E. Giasson, music French carol arr. Robert E. Allen
pub (Galleon choral series. Christmas, G.C.S. no.1018) Galleon Press 26sep1962

[] Sing ye noel. 16th century French carol
arranged for organ by Robert E. Allen
pub Galleon Press, New York 1962

[] The bells of Christmas. Choir. 1967
words Paul Giasson

[] He will
words R. E. A., music Robert E. Allen, arr. Cleone Magnuson
pub Mission to America Inc. 29jul1972

[] There is more
words R. E. A., music Robert E. Allen, arr. Cleone Magnuson
pub Mission to America Inc. 3aug1972

[] Morning star. Christmas carol for mixed voices with alto and baritone solo
music Antonin Dvorak, text and arr. for organ Robert E. Allen
previously published as Slavonic dance op72/4 for piano 4-hands
pub (Galleon choral series G.C.S. no.1024) Galleon Press 15sep1972

[] The Ascension. Cantata. Mezzosoprano, choir, 3 trumpets, harp, timpani and organ
words Edwin Markham
pub Galleon Press, New York 1978

[] String quartet. b1976
[] Symphonic movement. Orchestra. b1980
[] Piano concerto. b1980
[] Cecily. Broadway show. b1980
[] One more Spring. Broadway show. b1980
[] Partita. Piano. b1982
[] Introduction and allegro. Cello and piano. b1982
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