Alleyne, Alfred Hopkins 19.nov.1866-24.feb.1949 England Berkshire, Newbury - Devon, Exeter
organist, hymn writer, 1885-1935 he was a faithful reader of the 'Musical Times' for fifty years, 1887 as professor of music residing at East Woodhay Newbury, 1888-1893 studied at Worcester College in Oxford, 1889 as organist residing in Newbury, 1891 as organist residing with wife Sarah, stepson, son and nurse in Kintbury Berkshire, 1900 without divorce his wife Sarah emigrated to Calgary Canada taking with her 2 of the children and 1 child of her former marriage, 1901 as married organist boarding in Ilford Essex, 1932-1933 with wife Ida residing in Newbury Coombe, 1935-1936 residing at Pinsla Park, Cardynham in Bodmin Cornwall, 1936 he sold his full set of 16 years 'Music and Letters' journals on musicology, 1939 as retired author and composer residing with wife Ida at Glynn Barton Cottage in Wadebridge Cornwall, 1941 residing with wife Ida at 36 High Street in Padstow Cornwall, 10.nov.1942 as widowed gentleman residing at Penrose Cottage in St Kew Cornwall, April 1943 aged 76 residing at Castle Rock in Port Isaac Cornwall he was 'free to take an organistship or to act as assistant where the standard is high', he died at the Royal Devonshire and Exeter Hospital while residing at The Stone Cottage in Throwleigh near Okehampton Devon ; son of decorator Alfred Alleyne (Newbury 1842-1929 Newbury) and Martha Hopkins (Inkpen Berkshire (29.jul.1839-1898 Newbury) ; 26.oct.1889 at St Michael's Stockwell Lambeth he married the widow Sarah Ann Holmes nee Buckland (Snelsmore Berkshire 29.jan.1859- ; 1900 emigrated to Calgary Canada) ; 24.jul.1918 in Inverness Scotland he married Ida Carlton Olive (Frome Somerset 22.apr.1874-10.jan.1941 Padstow Cornwall) ; 10.nov.1942 aged 75 at St Kew parish church in Bodmin Cornwall he married spinster Norah Hood (Essex, Billericay 16.jan.1894-1980 Cirencester Gloucestershire)

Title Parts
Frank H. Holmes 1879- London Staines
Reginald H. Holmes 1880- London Staines
in Calgary met
Reginald Holmes
Marguerite Allen
Lilian Allen

[] Accompaniments to plainsong for schools. 1933
music by Herbert Philip Allen (1868-1961), organist in Liverpool, in collaboration with Alfred Alleyne
pub Rushworth & Dreaper, Liverpool

[] Ales diei nuntius. Hymn
tune Vernham Dean by Alleyne
in the Hymnal A little primer for home and school. 1935

[] Hymns, hymn tunes and prayers. New hymns 1940-1948
music by Alfred Alleyne, including compositions by Jeremiah Clarke, Orlando Gibbons and Louis Bourgeois
mostly from A Little Primer 1935
a 5-page review was published by The Hymn Society of Great Britain and Ireland apr1947
pub Novello & Co., London dec1943
pub C. H. Woodward, Devizes Wiltshire feb1944
pub Novello & Co., London feb1944
pub Novello & Co., London jan1947
pub Novello & Co., London jul1947
[] 1 - Seven morning hymns
[] 1/1 - By night arising let us watch be keeping
[] 1/2 - See how the shadow of the night now wasteth, tune Egloshayle. Alfred Alleyne
[] 1/3 - The winge'd harbinger of day
[] 1/4 - Now Holy Ghost for ever one, tune Brockham
[] 1/5 - Now that the day star lights the sky, tune Uffingham. Jeremiah Clarke
[] 1/6 - Now the day-star hath arisen, tune Boldre
[] 1/7 - For children, tune Vernham Dean. Alfred Alleyne
[] 2 - Five evening hymns
[] 2/1 - God, of all things the strength and stay, Song 34. Orlando Gibbons
[] 2/2 - Before the daylight flies away, tune Bromley
[] 2/3 - O light, O blesse'd Trinity
[] 2/4 - To fill the early hours of night, tune Uffingham. Jeremiah Clarke
[] 2/5 - Saturday, tune St Michael's Mount. Alfred Alleyne
[] 3 - Five hymns for use at Holy Communion
[] 3/1 - Thee we adore, who condescends. Song 5. Orlando Gibbons
[] 3/2 - Ave verum corpus "Hail, O hail thou very body", tune Corpus Christi. Alfred Alleyne
[] 3/3 - Jesu, the sweetest memory, tune West Hill
[] 3/4 - Psalm 23, tune Steventon
[] 3/5 - God be in my head, tune Ibthorpe. Alfred Alleyne
[] 4 - Three hymns for use at other times
[] 4/1 - Undying love this world begun, tune Ich fahr dahin
[] 4/2 - Psalm 100, tune Agincourt. Alfred Alleyne
[] 4/3 - All people that on earth do dwell, tune The Old Hundredth. Louis Bourgeois
[] 5 - In time of war "The Lord hath taught our hands to war", tune St Michael's Mount. Alfred Alleyne
[] 6 - Eight hymn tunes
[] 6/1 - Bishopthorpe
[] 6/2 - King's Norton. Jeremiah Clarke
[] 6/3 - Crux Easton
[] 6/4 - Warleggan
[] 6/5 - Cardynham
[] 6/6 - St Mary Bourne
[] 6/7 - Chawton. Alfred Alleyne
[] 6/8 - Song 1. Orlando Gibbons
[] 7 - Three settings of Amen. Alfred Alleyne, Orlando Gibbons
[] 8 - 16 Prayers
[] For all the saints who from their labours rest. Hymn
words bishop W. H. How, music Alfred Alleyne
pub Novello & Co. Ltd., London 25feb1945

writing: Combechester. A novel for church musicians
by Alfred Alleyne
pub The Argonaut Press, London 1939
pub C. H. Woodward, Devizes Wiltshire 1943

writing: Richard of Barnsdale, and other verse
by Alfred Alleyne
pub C. H. Woodward, Devizes Wiltshire 1943

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