Allstrom, Harold K sep.1849-14.jun.1926 Sweden, Stockholm - USA New Jersey, Red Bank
violinist, professor of music, 1867 emigrated to the USA, 1870 as music teacher residing with his brother in Red Bank New Jersey, 1872 naturalized American, 1880 as music teacher residing in Red Bank, 3.sep.1896 he returned from a travel to Sweden, 1900 as private teacher of music residing with wife, son Henry W and a servant at Broad Street in Red Bank, 1910 as violinist and musician residing at Broad Street in Red Bank, 1920-1926 as house painter residing at 321 Broad Street in Red Bank, he died from a sudden heart attack while attending a meeting of the Red Bank Brotherhood at the Presbyterian Church in Red Bank, he was survived by his wife and a son Henry W of St Paul ; brother of composer John V Allstrom ; 29.oct.1879 in Red Bank he married Mary Beyer (NY, ?New York dec.1852-8.apr.1944 Minnesota, St Paul)

Title Parts

[] Alarm march. Piano
pub Oliver Ditson & Co., Boston 1877

[] And there were shepherds. Christmas anthem
copyright Harold K. Allstrom, Redbank New Jersey 22dec1899

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