Alonso de Dreffes, Julia (fem) 11.aug.1889-1977 Mexico, Oaxaca - Mexico City
organist, pianist, grew up in Mexico City, 1911-1915 studied piano with Elorduy, Meneses and Gregorio Orige, organ with Velazquez, Barrios and Morales, composition with Carrillo and conducting with Meneses at Conservatorio Nacional de Musica in Mexico City, 1912 conductor of Orquesta del Conservatorio, Banda de Artilleria and Orfeon Popular, 1914 professor of solfege at Escuela Normal para Maestras, 1914 professor of composition, 1915 of organ and 1917 of piano at Conservatorio Nacional de Musica, 1924 organist of the amphitheater of Escuela Nacional Preparatoria

Title Parts

[] Tonantzin. Opera
[] Symphony no1
[] Symphony no2
[] String quartet no1
[] String quartet no2
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