Althouse, Monroe Althaus 26.may.1853-12.oct.1924 USA Pennsylvania, Centerport near Reading - Reading
violinist, trombonist, hornist, bandmaster, 1872 moved to Reading, where he was hornist in the Hampden Cornet Band, the Reading City Cornet Band and 1874 violinist in the Maennerchor Orchestra, 1880 music teacher in Reading and regular player in the Ringgold Band and Philharmonic Orchestra, 1885-1924 residing at 30 South 10th Street, 1886-1906 founder/conductor of the pit orchestra of the Reading Academy of Music, 1887-1900 founder/bandmaster of the Germania Band, 1895-1901 partner in his nephew James Snyder Althouse (Centerport 17.feb.1868-26.dec.1941 Reading) J S Althouse Music Pub. Co. and Penn Music Pub. Co. at 850 Penn Street in Reading, 1900-1922 bandmaster of the Ringgold Band, 30.apr.1922 his last public appearance at Reading Capitol Theatre with the 70th anniversary of the Ringgold Band ; son of R.R. Co. railroad crossing watchman Jonathan 'John' Daniel Heffner Althouse (18.jan.1815-11.feb.1888 Reading) and Anna Maria 'Mary' Althaus Althouse (Reading 7.apr.1815-3.dec.1882 Reading) ; 8.jun.1882 in Reading he married Emma Imbody DeTurk (Reading 10.sep.1858-4.jun.1843 Birdsboro near Reading)

Title Parts

[] Reading Commandery. Masonic march. Wind band
pub J. S. Unger, Reading 1889

[] Commencement march. Piano
copyright Monroe A. Althouse, Reading 24aug1894, renewal 20jun1922
pub J. S. Althouse & Co., Reading 1894

[] Oriental Commandery Knights Temple. Masonic march. Wind band
pub J. S. Althouse & Co., Reading 1897

[] Always on the road. March. Wind band
pub J. W. Pepper, Philadelphia 1901
dedicated to the Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show, the band he traveled with in his teens

[] Regimental. March. Wind band
pub Harry Coleman, Philadelphia 1910

[] C. K. W. (Cal Whitner) march. Wind band
pub Harry Coleman, Philadelphia 1911
Ringgold Band Reading / James Seidel

[] The Galen Hall march. Wind band
pub Penn Music Pub. Co., Reading 1914

[] Rajah's sunshine march. Wind band
pub Penn Music Pub. Co., Reading 1916

[] Carry on. March. Wind band
pub Penn Music Pub. Co., Reading 1918

[] Our Illustrious Potentate. Masonic march. Wind band
pub Howard G. Gerhardt, Reading 1923

[] CD An Althouse tour of Berks County. March music of Monroe A. Althouse
Ringgold Band / James S. Seidel. Ringgold Band, Reading 1991
[] 1 - Old Berks march
[] 2 - R. H. Co. march
[] 3 - High school forever
[] 4 - Roof garden
[] 5 - C. K. W. march
[] 6 - March cosmos
[] 7 - Galen Hall march
[] 8 - Overland
[] 9 - Berkshire march
[] 10 - Friendship march
[] 11 - John Hay march
[] 12 - Y. B. march
[] 13 - Live wire march
[] 14 - 175th anniversary march
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