Amariglio, Muni (Amarillio, Moni) 1932- Yugoslavia, ?
songwriter, before 1960 emigrated to Israel

Title Parts

[] Concertino. Orchestra. 1960
[] Livavtini. Song
prize winner at the Israel Song Festival 1964

[] Sonatina. 2 Violins
[] K'akh li dodi (Love song)
words Avrom Loynson
Israel Song Festival 1967

[] Shir hadash (I have been to the Sea of Galilee). Song. 1972
words N. Kalman

[] Nagen li yarden (Kinnereth). Song. 1972
words Yehudah Sharet

[] Yovel le Israel (Welcome to Israel). Song. 1972
words Shalom) Amrani

[] Today I suddenly want to live. Song. c1975
words Dudu Barak

[] In my beloved country. Song. b1995
words Lea Goldberg

[] The green mountain. Song. b1995
words Yoram Tahar-Lev

[] Each and his Jerusalem. Song. b1995
words Nathan Yonathan

[] Be'erets ahavati hashaked poreakh. Song
words Leah Goldberg

[] Rakefet. Song
words R. Raz

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