Amor, Frank James 4.apr.1844-17.apr.1912 England Wiltshire, Salisbury - Sussex, Eastbourne
violinist, pianist, bandsman, 24.apr.1844 baptized at St. Edmunds in Salisbury Wiltshire, violinist in the orchestras of the Royal Italian Opera London, the English Opera Company London and the New Philharmonic Society London, 1861 residing at Kings Row in London Westminster, 3.sep.1865-1884 member of the Royal Society of Musicians London, 1865 professor of violin and piano, 5.sep.1881 in Surrey he was imprisoned for 6 months for 'maliciously inflicting grievous bodily harm', 1901 as single musician boarding in Eastbourne, at time of death residing at 96 Louqdone Road, he died at the Infirmary Eastbourne Workhouse ; son of shoemaker/broker John Amor (Salisbury 24.aug.1804-6.jul.1873 Salesbury Fisherton Anger) and Hannah Card (Salisbury 1.nov.1803-1890 Salisbury) ; 24.dec.1861 at the parish church of St George Hanover Square in London he married Ann Eliza Gosling (London St Georges 1838-8.mar.1917 Surrey, Clapham), 1901 separated but never divorced

Title Parts

[] Sabbath happiness. Sacred song. Voice and piano
dedication : Dedicated to Madame Sainton Dolby (Charlotte Helen)
words and music Frank James Amor
pub Duncan Davison & Co., London 1876

[] Rimembranze d'amore. Morceau pour flute avec accompagnement de piano
pub Duncan Davison & Co., London 1878

[] A child's song
pub Duncan Davison & Co., London 1879

[] Two studies for the violin (without accompaniment)
pub Duncan Davison & Co., London
[] 1 - Study in double notes
[] 2 - Study in octaves
[] Moments heureux. Etude pour le violon sans accompaniment
pub Duncan Davison & Co., London

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