Anderson, Dwight Wayland 3.jun.1896-25.dec.1962 USA Illinois, Chicago - Kentucky, Louisville
pianist, teacher, 1914 graduated from Pensacola High School Florida, 1915-1921 studied with Frederick Shailer Evans at Cincinnati Conservatory Ohio, 1922-1923 studied piano with Wynne Pyle in New York City, 1923-1924 with Lazare Levy in Paris, 1924-1925 and 1929-1930 with Isidore Philipp in Paris, he gave concerts in America and Europe, 29.apr.1930 at Salle Gaveau in Paris, 1930 residing at 1714 Tyler Parkway Louisville, 1926-1932 teacher piano, 1932 head of the piano department and 1937 dean of the School of Music at Louisville Conservatory, 1940 awarded the honorary degree of Ped.D by Cincinnati Conservatory, 1944 music editor and critic for the Louisville Courier-Journal, 1940-1950 residing at 2350 Valetta Lane in Louisville ; son of grain dealer/life insurance agent Francis Wayland Anderson (Ohio, ?Cincinnati 1846-17.feb.1904 Chicago) and Annie Arnot Hill (NY, Buffalo 9.jan.1857-31.dec.1943 Louisville) ; 17.oct.1931 in Louisville he married writer advertising Barbara Madison Tunnell (Massachusetts, Mansfield 27.sep.1891-1974 Louisville)

Title Parts

[] A song of Pelagia. Song. Voice and piano
words Charles Kingsley (1819-1875)
pub Willis Music Co., Cincinnati 21sep1920

[] The rainbow. Song. Voice and piano
dedicated to and sung by Dan Beddoe
words William Wordsworth (1770-1850)
pub Willis Music Co., Cincinnati 21sep1920

[] Thoughts. Song. Versions for high and low voice and piano
words Sara Teasdale (1884-1933)
pub Willis Music Co., Cincinnati 21sep1920

[] The Hawthorn hedge. Song. Voice and piano
words Rupert Brooke (1887-1915)
pub Willis Music Co., Cincinnati 21sep1920

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