Anderson, Homer Allen 21.aug.1909-6.aug.1988 USA Oklahoma, Perkins - Texas, San Angelo
bandmaster, BS & MS educator band, orchestra and music for 43 years, bandmaster in public schools for 40 years, band and orchestra conductor in San Angelo Texas, 1974 residing in San Angelo ; son of Ethan Allen Anderson (Wayne Ohio 24.jun.1862-17.mar.1918 Perkins) and Amanda Emiline Payne (21.jul.1871-24.jul.1944 Perkins) ; 22.aug.1931 in Stillwater Oklahoma he married Annette Tellasteam Bishop (Creek Oklahoma 30.jan.1912-27.feb.2008 San Angelo)

Title Parts

[] Sportsmen. March. Band
pub Belwin Inc., 1951

[] Major-domo. Overture. Band
pub Bourne, New York 1953

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