Anderson, Martha Jane (fem) 1844-nov.1897 USA NY, ?Greenwood - New Lebanon
singer, hymn writer, deaconess, 1854-1897 residing in a North House at Mount Lebanon in New Lebanon near Albany living a celibate life as a sister of the North Family of Shakers, 1860 as mat maker in a Shaker family of 22 members in one house, among them mat makers sisters Anna White (New Jersey 21.jan.1831-1910 New Lebanon), Margaret Patterson (NY 1832-), Rhoda Offord (England 1840-) and Ann Offord (England Surrey, Richmond feb.1842-1926 New Lebanon), 1870 residing in New Lebanon as tayloress in a Shaker family of 33 members in the North House, among them eldress Mary Antoinette Doolittle (New Lebanon 18.sep.1810-31.dec.1886 New Lebanon), eldress Anna White, sisters Margaret Patterson, Rhoda Offord and Ann Offord, 1880 residing in New Lebanon in charge of the children and as tayloress in a Shaker family of 62 members in the North House, among them eldress Antoinette Doolittle, elder Frederick William Evans (England Herefordshire, Bromyard 9.jun1808-7.mar.1893 Liverpool), elder Daniel Offord (England Surrey, Richmond bap.18.feb.1844-25.feb.1911 New Lebanon), carpenter Oliver Prentis (Canada 1798-), two physicians and two schoolteachers, 1887 she became second eldress and subsequently deaconess due to stress and ill health ; sister of William Anderson (NY, ?Greenwood 1841-1930 New Lebanon), 1866 of the East Family, 1872 of the Church Family, 1884-1930 of the South Family

Title Parts

[] Sweetest music softly stealing. Christmas offering. Choir. 1871
Shaker hymn from Mount Lebanon
Pro Arte Singers / Paul Hillier. Harmonia Mundi 907233

[] The coming of the light. Hymn. Mount Lebanon jan1896
[] Shaker music. Inspirational hymns and melodies, illustrative of the resurrection, life and testimony of the Shakers. pub Weed, Parsons & Co., Albany NY 1875
compiled by Daniel Offord and Martha Jane Anderson
compilation is attributed to Frederick William Evans by the Library of Congress

[] Shaker music, original inspirational hymns and songs illustrative of the resurrection, life and testimony of the Shakers
compiled by Daniel Offord and Martha J. Anderson
published for the North Family Mt Lebanon by William A. Pond & Co., New York 1884

[] Original Shaker music (Volume II) published by the North family of Mt Lebanon, Columbia County
compiled by Daniel Offord, co-compilers Lucy Bowers and Martha J. Anderson
intended for use with the 1884 edition of Shaker music, original inspirational hymns
pub William A. Pond & Co., New York 1893

[] Shaker hymns. Hymns. pub 1871-1874
Collection of 336 original hymns in phonetic notation probably written by members of the North Family in the Shaker community in Mt Lebanon. Hymn writers are represented by initials, the North Family Journal of Mount Lebanon 1871-1874 named Martha Jane Anderson, Antoinette Doolittle (b.1810 New Lebanon / 1850-1880 Shaker elderess in New Lebanon), Louise Sherman, Nancy Lockwood (b.1792 Connecticut / 1850 Shaker in New Lebanon), Elva Levenworth, Margaret Patterson (b.1832 NY / 1860-1870 Shaker in New Lebanon), Charlotte Byrdsall (b.1841 NY / 1880 Shaker in New Lebanon), Rhoda Hollister (b.1819 Vermont / 1850 Shaker in New Lebanon), Anna White (b.1831 New Jersey / 1849-1900 Shaker in New Lebanon)
ms probably owned by Martha Jane Anderson

[] (title unknown). Children's song
words Annie Rosetta Stephens (England 1860-1948 Pittsfield), music Martha J. Anderson

poems and writings by Martha Jane Anderson :

- A Diary commenced by Martha J. Anderson 1aug1863-30apr1867. Mount Lebanon

- Harmonized Manuscript Hymnal. Mount Lebanon, North Family 1871-1880
writers: Martha Jane Anderson (words), Charlotte Byrdsall, Elvah F. Collins (music), Cecilia DeVere (words), Elvah Leavenworth (music), Benjamin Morehouse, Anna White, all of the North Family
the hymnal contains "New Year's 1880, North Family"

- Social gathering dialogue between six sisters of the North family of Shakers, Mt Lebanon, Columbia County
the sisters were Martha Jane Anderson, Margaret Pattison, Ann Offord, Charlotte Byrdsall, Melissa Soule and Margaret Cleveland
pub Weed, Parsons & Co., Albany 1873

- Resurrection. Mt Lebanon 1875
five-stanza poem. At the bottom of the sheet is Martha Jane Anderson's name followed by North Family, Mt Lebanon 1875

- Peaceful victory. Hymn. 1878
originally appearing in 1878, reprinted New Lebanon c1905, probably for the peace conference sponsored by the Shakers of New Lebanon held in 1905. Introductory remarks are by Daniel Offord

- Hymnbook. Community, Hancock, Massachusetts 1883-1913
the final eleven pages contain reflections on a Shaker life by M. J. A. (Martha Jane Anderson)

- The present truth for the honest enquirer
compiler Charles Clapp
pub Bulletin Steam Presses, Miamisburg, Ohio 1885
includes four essays: "Marriage" by Daniel Fraser, "Purity" by Martha J. Anderson, "Christian communists (vulgarly called Shakers)" by Charles Clapp, and "The life in common" by R. Heber Newton

- Shaker view of marriage. New Lebanon c1885
by Alonzo Giles Hollister
also includes "Non-resistance" by William Leonard, "The government of Christ's kingdom, a theocracy" by Abraham Perkins, "Christ's kingdom, its bed rock foundations" by Daniel Fraser and "Self examination" by Martha J. Anderson

- Hymns and Songs. Mount Lebanon, North Family 1889-1894
Hymns: 58 pages, Songs: 98 pages
writers of hymns: Martha Jane Anderson (1844-1897), Sarah F. Bodine (1872- left 1895), A. B. (? Amelia Bell at North Family 1885-1895), Grace H. Bowers (1863-1905), Martha A. Burger (1853-1926), George W. Clark (1838-1914, of Upper Canaan), Julia Lincoln (born 1869-left 1898), Eva Pinkham (at Upper Canaan Family 1890-1895), Eliza Rayson (1834-1909), Florence Staples (born 1860-left c1905), Annie Rosetta Stephens (1860-1948), Jennie Vinneo, Anna White (1831-1910)
writers of songs: Martha Jane Anderson, Grace H. Bowers, Lucy S. Bowers (1860-1935), Ernest Pick (1859-1940, at the North Family 1890-1894)

- The bird-craze. New Lebanon c1890
poem protesting the appearance of feathers in women's dress

- Vice. New Lebanon c1890
also includes "Intemperance" by Lucy S. Bowers

- The new creation. New Lebanon c1890
by Giles Bushnell Avery
includes three other brief selections: "Unpardonable sin" and "The future life" by Frederick William Evans and "Government" by Martha J. Anderson

- Communism. New Lebanon c1890
by W. Watson Andrews
includes two other brief selections: "Unselfish interest" by Martha J. Anderson and "The two fires" by Oliver Prentis

- God is God. New Lebanon 1892
by Frederick William Evans
also contains "Physical and spiritual light" by Anna White and "Confession of sin", "Religious sentiment" and "Our parentage" by M. J. Anderson

- Social life and vegetarianism. Mount Lebanon 1893
pub Guiding Star Printing House, Chicago Illinois

- To our well beloved mother in Israel, Eldress Eliza Ann Taylor, whose spirit passed "within the vail" November 28, 1897, in the 87th year of her age. Mt Lebanon 1897
compiler Anna White, co-compiler Amelia J. Calver
includes tributes to Martha J. Anderson (1844-1897)

- Song of the rain. Children's song
words Martha J. Anderson, music Annie Rosetta Stephens (England 1860-1948 Pittsfield)

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