Andre, Fabian Joseph 8.jan.1910-30.mar.1960 USA Wisconsin, La Crosse - Mexico, Mexico City
dance orchestra leader, arranger, grew up in Green Bay Wisconsin, 1930-1932 he had already established himself as independent musician in Milwaukee, studied harmony and orchestration with Joseph Schillinger and Carl Eppert at St Joseph's College and Marquette University in Milwaukee, trumpeter and arranger for dance bands in Oklahoma, 1935-1936 arranger for Fanchon and Marco theatrical productions, 1936-1939 for Horace Heidt's Orchestra, 1939 NBC Studio's in Chicago, 1939-1940 led his own latin-american dance band in Chicago, 1940-1941 arranger for Xavier Cugat, 1946-1960 arranger, composer and leader of dance bands in Mexico City, he died from generalized visceral congestion at the Carlton Hotel in Mexico City and was buried at Panteon Americano Mexico City, his son requested to donate his legacy to charity ; son of theatre conductor/music teacher John Julius Andre (Wisconsin, Algoma 18.jun.1886-8.may.1937 Green Bay) and Regina (Wisconsin 5.mar.1887-1924 Green Bay) ; 1931 he married theatre dancer Margaret Lillian 'Peggy' Beebe (Illinois 4.jul.1912-19.dec.1996 Florida, Panama City Beach)

Title Parts

[] Dream a little dream of me. Song
words Gus Kahn, music W. Schwandt and F. Andre
pub Davis, Coots & Engel, New York 1931

[] From me to you. Song
Wayne King, F. Andre and Nat Conney
pub M. Witmark & Sons, New York 1933

[] When they played the polka. Song
words Lou Holtzer
pub Robbins Music Corp., New York 1938

[] Antonio
[] A windy day on the outer drive
[] Pedigree on Pomander Walk
[] The maid with the slight swiss accent
[] The man who came to rhumba
[] Lullaby for Latins
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