Andrejevic, Teodor 'Tosa' 20.jun.1852-2.may.1931 Yugoslavia Serbia, Ruma - Belgrade
bassoonist, conductor, studied music privately in Belgrade, 1873 studied bassoon at the Conservatory in Vienna, also studied oboe, violin and piano, 1879 bassoonist of the Strauss Orchestra in Vienna, when he performed with the orchestra in Sydney and Melbourne he decided to stay and 1879-1884 lead his own Andrejevic Orchestra in Australia which was so succesful that he was nicknamed 'Australijanac' for the rest of his life, 1888 he founded a private music school in Belgrade but had to close it the following year because of financial failure, with the 'Villa' band he performed in Serbia and at the World Expositions in Paris 1900 and Prague 1902

Title Parts

[] Slobodarka. Polka mazurka
pub L. Langlois and Hachette et Cie., Paris 1900

[] Cveticev march. Military band
[] Jaksic march. Military band
[] Nemanja. Military band
[] Serbian dawn. Military band
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