Andres (Andre), Henri Georges (Henry George) sep.1838-26.aug.1921 France Lorraine, Nancy - USA NY, Tarrytown
pianist, organist, conductor, randomly named Andres or Andre, received piano lessons from his father at a very early age, 1853-1859 finished his musical education in Paris, back in Nancy he made a living as piano teacher, 1860 he went on a business visit to the USA and decided to stay, settling in Cincinnati Ohio where he soon gained success as concert pianist and private piano teacher, 1862 as music teacher residing at 333 Vine Street, 1865 he emigrated to the USA permanently, 1867 conductor of the Cecilia Society male choir in Cincinnati, 29.may.1868 he conducted the orchestra at The Maennerchor Concert at Pike's Hall in Cincinnati, 9.jan.1870 he conducted the 80-voice Arion Society singing the Coronation Mass at the consecration of bishop Toeble at Saint Philomena Catholic Church on Pearl Street, 15.oct.1873 he played piano at a Grand Concert at the Academy of Music in Indianapolis, 1876 director of the instrumental department of Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, 1878 music teacher at 443 Central Avenue, 22.aug.1878 the Cincinnati Musical Institute advertised: Prof. H G Andres' System will be followed for organ, piano and theory teaching, 1880 appointed director of the piano department at Cincinnati Conservatory, 1880-1885 residing with his family and a servant at 317 Ludlow Avenue, 4.dec.1886 his concert was announced as 'The Andres Recital' at Aurora Grand Opera House in Lawrenceburgh Indiana, 1885-1899 studios at 62/124 East 4th Street, 1889 he made concert tours with Armin W Doerner as piano duo, July 1889 performing at the meeting of the National Association of Music Teachers in Philadelphia, 28.jan.1890 and 16.feb.1892 announced as 'piano duelists' at Bumstead Hall in Boston, 1894-1901 residing at 3346 Jefferson Avenue, with Piano Forte School at 330 Pike Building, 1910 residing at 3210 Broadway in Manhattan, 1915 at Carman Street in Hempstead Nassau, 1911-1920 organist of Temple Israel in Far Rockaway New York, 1920 residing at Neptune Avenue (near Everdell Ave) in Far Rockaway, he died at the home of his son Don and was buried 28.aug.1921 on Long Island ; 1870 he married concert singer Emma Angela Loraine (Cincinnati jan.1852- ; 1922 living in Seattle) ; son Lorraine F (Cincinnati mar.1872-), dau Louisa Emily (Cincinnati 29.aug.1874-), dau Elsa (Cincinnati 6.nov.1876-), son Don Morgan (Cincinnati 26.dec.1881-)

Title Parts

[] Mazurka Caprice, etude de salon pour le piano, no.1
pub Schlosser aine, Paris 1857

[] Quatre morceaux de genre. Piano. op18
pub Schlosser aine, Paris 1857
[] 1 - Chant du soir, serenade
[] Six romances sans paroles pour piano en forme d'etudes d'expression et de rhythme, en 3 livres. op22
pub Schlosser aine, Paris 1857

[] Souvenirs d'enfance. 2 Bercenses pour piano. op23
pub A. Vialon, Paris 1857

[] Le Morceaux de genre pour piano. Mazurke de salon. op24
pub Schlosser aine, Paris 1857

[] Arabesque sur un theme allemand. Piano
pub J. L. Peters, New York 1866

[] Fantaisie militaire. Piano
dedication: A Monsieur Louis Schwebel
pub A. C. Peters & Bro., Cincinnati 1867

[] Lyra select hymns for the Service of the Catholic Church Cincinnati. 1868 [] 1 - Ave Maria. Soprano or tenor
[] 2 - O Salutaris. Mezzosoprano or bass
[] 3 - Tantum ergo. Quartet
[] 4 - Tantum ergo. Trio
[] 5 - Lucis Creator. Voice and choir
[] 6 - Ave Regina. Choir
[] 7 - Bone Pastor. Soprano and alto
[] Rhein laendler. Fantasia. Piano
pub J. L. Peters, New York 1870

[] La fringante. Mazurka. Piano
pub J. L. Peters, New York 1870

[] Delta upsilon quickstep. Piano
pub John Church & Co., Cincinnati 1871

[] Etude. Piano
in Illustrated catalogue of grand, upright and square piano-fortes. Decker Brothers, New York 1873

[] Fourth Exposition march. Piano
in honor of the Cincinnati Fourth Industrial Exposition 1874

[] Toccata. Piano
pub J. L. Peters, New York 1874

[] Tarantelle. Piano
pub Geo. D. Newhall & Co., Cincinnati 1879
pub Oliver Ditson, Boston

[] Valse. Piano
pub Geo. D. Newhall & Co., Cincinnati 1879

[] Le jeune artiste (The young artist). Five instructive piano pieces. Gavotte
pub Geo. D. Newhall & Co., Cincinnati 1879

[] Arabesque. Fantasie. Piano
pub Oliver Ditson, Boston
performed by the composer H. G. Andre at two concerts at the YMCA concert hall in Knoxville Tennessee 2/3dec1887
performed at the Norwood Musical Club request program, Cincinnati 9apr1907

[] Funeral march. Piano
pub John Church, Cincinnati 1892

[] Polonaise E Major. Piano
performed by the composer H. G. Andre in a recital at Levassor Hall, Cincinnati 24jun1896

[] Romance. Piano
in Favourite Collection, Oliver Ditson, Boston 3mar1998

[] Fantasie militaire. Piano
performed by the composer H. G. Andre at Washington Opera House in Maysville Kentucky 11dec1899

[] Adieux to Schubert
[] Halleluja
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