Andrews (nee Webb), Jenny Constant (Mrs. John Holman Andrews) (fem) 22.nov.1816-29.apr.1878 England, Middlesex/Surrey, Southwick - London Marylebone
soprano, pianist, professor of music, singing teacher, her birthplace Southwick cannot be identified, it was in Middlesex and later Surrey, 8.may.1817 baptized at St Augustine on Watling Street London, from baptism until 1840 residing at 4 Great Distaff Lane in London St Augustine, 1850-1860 as professor of music at 27 West Square in London Southwark, 1870 as professor of singing and music at 38 Welbeck Street in Marylebone, at time of death residing at 60 Baker Street in Marylebone ; daughter of boxmaker William and Mary Webb ; 28.dec.1835 at St Mary in Islington she married coal merchant/warehouseman John Holman Andrews (Devonport 1812-), she divorced him 7.jun.1864 when they had 7 children ; dau professor of music Mary Florence Andrews (Surrey, Southwark 22.feb.1852-), dau soprano Harriet Edith Andrews (Southwark 9.feb.1853-), dau soprano/composer Gertrude Eva Holman Andrews (Southwark 17.apr.1855-)

Title Parts

[] I'll love but thee, my native home. Ballad. 1840
words Miss E. Hosking

[] Two part exercises, for the voice. 1860
[] Trust me all in all. Song. 1868
words Lord Alfred Tennyson

[] Mary bereft of thee "Chatelein's lament on the departure of Mary Queen of Scots from France". Voice and piano
words G. W. Melville
pub E. Ascherberg & Co., London 1870
pub Duncan Davison & Co., London 6jan1872

[] Go lovely rose. Song. 1870
words Waller
pub Weekes & Co., London 6jan1872

[] Golden slumbers, kiss your eyes. Song
pub Lamborn Cock & Co., London 1871

[] Waiting, watching. Song. 1871
sung by Miss Edith Holman Andrews
pub Chappell & Co., London 6jan1872

[] The adieu. Song
pub Duff & Stewart Ltd., London 6jan1872

[] Prince Charley's farewell to Scotland. Song. Solo, chorus and piano. 1872
pub Howard & Co., London 1878

[] Legend of the Avon. Female voices and choir
arr of Old English Ditty
the air by Dowland 1670, arranged by Mrs. John Holman Andrews
pub Lamborn Cock & Co., London 6jan1872

[] Nocturne. Piano
[] Autumn's golden leave. Song
[] Gently think and gently speak. Song
pub Chappell & Co., London

[] The last rose of summer. Duett. Song
pub Chappell & Co., London

[] Rainbow. Song
pub Chappell & Co., London

[] The last request. Voice and piano
words Elizabeth D. Cross
pub Boosey & Co., London 18??

[] My first love and my last. Voice and piano
composed by J. Andrews - ? Jenny
pub B. & J. Williams, London

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