Angarola, Giuseppe (Joseph) 16.jan.1852-26.dec.1914 Italy, ? - USA NY, New York Manhattan
musician, 3.apr.1881 emigrated with wife and children to the USA, [he may have been the harpist G Angarola who played 'Blue bells of Scotland' with violinist Henry D'Elia at the Ricord Souvenir Concert at Ross' Opera House 29.nov.1890 and as Prof. G Angarola furnished the music at the Progressive Whist Party 14.mar.1894 both in Astoria Oregon], 25.jul.1900 at New York he became naturalized American, 1900-1905 as musician residing at 234 Mulberry Street in Manhattan, 1910 as musician residing at Third Avenue in Bronx, 1914 residing at 1453 71st Street in Manhattan, he died at Long Island State Hospital and was buried 29.dec.1914 at Holy Cross Cemetery in Brooklyn ; 1870 in Italy he married Mary Rose Labiento (Italy 1849-23.dec.1935 New York)

Title Parts

[] Victory for the American warships. March. Wind band
subject : Spanish-American War 21apr1898-13aug1898
pub C. Schuster & Son, New York 6jul1898
performed by the Mexican Philharmonic Band at Westlake Park, Los Angeles 21aug1898

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