Angenot, Laurent Mathieu Joseph 31.jul.1873-30.nov.1949 Belgium, Verviers - Netherlands, Den Haag
violinist, studied violin with Eugene Ysaye in Brussel, he acquired great international fame as concert violinist, taught violin at the Academy of Barcelona Spain, 1897 violinist with the Kur-Orchest in Spa Belgium, 9.sep.1897 appointed first violinist of the orchestra of the Fransche Opera in Den Haag, 1906 concertmaster of the Residentie Orkest Den Haag, 1909-24.dec.1938 teacher violin at the Koninklijk Conservatorium in Den Haag, 1923 he was jury member in the Prix Vieuxtemps at the Conservatory in Luik Belgium, among his pupils were Christiaan Kriens, Francis Koene and his friend Frans van de Wiel ; son of director of Amsterdam Conservatory Hubert Joseph Angenot (Verviers 28.feb.1849-2.mar.1889) and Marie Catherine Melanie Charlier (Dalhem 9.may.1849-14.mar.1919 Verviers) ; 17.may.1898 he married Jeanne Amelie 'Jane' Body (5.mar.1877-11.nov.1949 Den Haag) ; son engineer Laurent Hubert Joseph Angenot (Den Haag 7.jan.1901-) ; uncle of the equally famous violinist Alphonse Angenot (Verviers 1901-2.sep.1929 Verviers)

Title Parts

[] Sonate, pour violon et piano. op9
dedication: Opgedragen aan Jane Body, vrouw van de componist
copyright Maurice Senart, Paris 1924
pub Editions Maurice Senart, 20 rue du Dragon, Paris 1925
a Violin sonata is mentioned in all dictionaries as his most famous work
[] 1 - Allegro appassionato
[] 2 - Andante con espressione
[] 3 - Allegro vivo
[] Melancolie, pour violon ou violoncelle et piano. op10
pub Editions Maurice Senart, 20 rue du Dragon, Paris 1926

[] Comme autrefois. Violin and piano. op11
[] Page intime pour quatuor a cordes. 1944. op19
dedication: Dedie a son ancien eleve et ami Frans van de Wiel
signed La Haye 22 Juillet 1944. Il y a de la joie

[] Melodie. Cello
pub G. H. van Eck & Zoon, Den Haag 8jan1927

[] Melodie, pour violoncelle avec accompagnement d'orchestre ou de piano. Cello and orchestra or piano
pub G. H. van Eck, Den Haag 1899

[] 1er Quatuor a cordes. String quartet. 1932
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