Anthony, Herbert 'Bert' Ray 8.sep.1876-18.jun.1923 USA Massachusetts, Fall River - Fall River
pianist, 1889 at the age of 12 he composed his first work, 1900 piano seller in Fall River, 1910-1923 music publisher at North Main Street in Fall River with his brother Howard Martin Anthony (Fall River 30.jan.1881-20.dec.1945 Fall River) who continued the publishing until his death, as composer he specialized in piano study pieces ; son of wholesale grocer William A Anthony (Fall River 1838-3.sep.1891 Fall River) and Amelia H Wood (Rhode Island apr.1843-19.apr.1916 Fall River)

Title Parts

[] Fan Tan. Chinese march characteristic. Piano
pub G. H. Munroe & Co., Fall River 1890

[] A warm reception. Characteristic march, two step & cake-walk
pub G. H. Munroe & Co., Fall River 1899

[] The imperial. March militaire. Piano
pub G. H. Munroe & Co., Fall River 1901

[] How be yer?. A rural affair. March and two step. Piano
pub Anthony Bros, Fall River 1904

[] Kangaroo galop. Piano. 1911
[] Dance of the spooks. Piano. op275/1
pub Oliver Ditson, Boston 1928

[] Ghost in the haunted room. Piano. op275/2
pub Oliver Ditson, Philadelphia 1923

[] Fragrant blossoms. op305/2
pub Anthony Brothers, Fall River 1921

[] Moonbeams and shadows. Valse rubato. op399/4
pub Anthony Bros., Fall River 1926

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