Antoniotto (Antoniotti), Giorgio 1692-1776 Italy, Milan - Milan
cellist, lived in Holland for a few years and in London for over 20 years (possibly to be interpreted as several stays at London during his travels over a period of 20 years), c1770 he returned to Milan where he gave Giovenale Sacchi (1726-1789) a scheme of one of his theories
[all according to Fetis and copied but not confirmed by subsequent sources]

[recently a baptismal record of Giorgio Antoniotti, born 1680 baptized 10.may.1681, has been found in San Matthia della Moneta Milan, which is believed to be his, which is doubtful because it would imply he published his treatise aged 80 and was still traveling between England and Milan aged 86 ; Samuel Pegge 'Anonymia, or ten centuries of observations on various authors and subjects' John Nichols and Son, London 1809 says he died at Calais 1766 which might be a confusion with the ship arrival place from England and the year he left England returning to Milan]

Title Parts

Sonata no9 in c
from 12 Sonate, le prime, cinque a violoncello solo e basso, e le altre sette a due violoncelli overo due viole di gamba, opera prima. Michel Charles Le Cene, Amsterdam 1736
Jorg Baumann cello, Klaus Stoll double bass
1 - Adagio e sostenuto
2 - Presto
3 - Largo
4 - Allegro
[] Cello concerto in A. Concerto per violoncello parte principale con due violini, alto viola, basso continuo e basso cembalo e contrabasso obligato con suoi rinforzi, da Giorgio Antoniotto Adorni 1 - A tempo giusto
2 - Adagio spiccato
3 - Allegro
[] Cello concerto in g. Concerto per violoncello parte principale con due violini, alto viola, basso continuo e basso per cembalo o contra basso con suoi rinforzi, dell Antoniotto di Adorni 1 - Largo e staccato
2 - Minuetto. Allegro
3 - Minuetto
[] Cello sonata in F. Sonatina a violoncello e basso da camera, da G. A. S. de (Giorgio Antoniotto Signor de Adorno) 1 - Adagio
2 - Aria. Allegro
3 - Aria. Allegro
Writing: L'arte armonica, or a treatise on the composition of musick, in three books, with an introduction on the history and progress of musick from its beginning to this time, written in italian by Giorgio Antoniotto and translated into english. John Johnson, London 1760
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