Aptommas (ap Thomas), Thomas dec.1827-27.mar.1913 Wales Glamorgan, Bridgend - Canada Ontario, Carleton
harpist, son of tailor and amateur clarinetist John Thomas, 1841 the family moved to London St Michael Wood Street, 22.mar.1854 he performed at the City Hall in Boston Massachusetts, 22.sep.1858-1861 residing in New York City with his wife Janet and family and was professor of harp at the Spingler Institute for Young Ladies and Rutgers Female Institute, 18.jan.1872 played at the Gewandhaus Leipzig, 18.jul.1879 performed at the White House Washington DC, 19.dec.1885 arrived in New York, 31.dec.1892-10.nov.1893 performed in the USA with his wife Priscella, 1897 emigrated to the USA, 1899 opened an Academy of Music in Chicago, 13.jan.1903 arrived in New York, 1907 emigrated to Canada

31.jan.1846 at St Marylebone in London he married Janet Evans (Brighton 1829-1887 Suffolk, Cosford), divorced 1882 ; children: Louie (-1866), Clara J (1852-), Archibald John (26.jun.1853-), Annie Augusta (1854-1930), Thomas (1859-1914), William John Thomas (13.feb.1863-), twins Harold Adrien and Hector Bertram (28.dec.1864-), Laura Louisa (19.aug.1866-) ; 1882 in London Holborn he married Christina Brooks, 12.jan.1892 her petition for divorce was dismissed ; 1892 he lived as if married with harpist Priscilla Jane Gill Dowell Frost (London Stepney Bow Road 1839-16.mar.1907 London Fulham, died as Aptommas) ; 1902 in Newcastle upon Tyne he married Mary Ann Davidson (Northumberland, Acomb 1852-) ; brother of John Thomas (Aptommas)

Title Parts

[] Fantasia on motives from I Montecchi e I Capuletti. Harp
[] Aptommas's polka. Harp
pub Edwin Ashdown, London 1852

[] Old hundred. Harp
pub in Sacred melodies for the harp, J. F. Browne, New York 1854

[] Vesper hymn. Harp
pub in Sacred melodies for the harp, J. F. Browne, New York 1854

[] Tarantelle. Harp and piano or harmonium
pub Edwin Ashdown, London 1860
pub Eduard Bote & Gustav Bock, Berlin 1880

[] Sounds from home. Welsh descriptive fantasia. Harp
pub Edwin Ashdown, London 1863

[] Sounds from the Emerald Isle. Harp. 1864
[] The Pilgrim's Progress. Music to Bunyan's Allegory. 1868
[] Welsh melodies. Harp
pub Edwin Ashdown, London
[] 1 - The rising of the sun
[] 2 - Of noble race was Shenkin
[] 3 - Ap Shenkin
[] 4 - Poor Mary Anne
[] 5 - Love's fascination
[] 6 - Sweet Richard
Writing: Aptommas' history of the harp, in which is given a comprehensive view of its origin and progress from the creation to the present time and embracing accounts of its employment, together with a biographical sketch of the most celebrated harpists who have contributed to its development. pub Charles Currier, New York 1859
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