Arakelyan, Grigory Markovich 13/26.jan.1894-1978 Russia, Rostov-on-Don - ?Turkmenistan, Ashgabat
conductor, 1915 graduated from the Teachers Seminary, 1916-1920 studied choral conducting at the Music College in Rostov-on-Don, 1923-1927 conductor of musical comedies, 1927-1940 of the Radio Philharmonic Orchestra in Ashgabat, 1942-1962 with breaks of the Turkmenistan Philharmonic in Ashgabat

Title Parts

[] Suita napyevi Turkmyenii (Suite of Turkmenian tunes). Orchestra. 1949
[] Uvyertura na Turkmyenii tyemi, dyet. Tantsyeval'naya suita (Overture on Turkmenian themes. Dance suite). Orchestra. 1949
[] String quartet on Turkmenian themes
[] Vospominaniye (Remembering). Piano trio
[] Kontsertnyy marsh (Concert march). Orchestra
[] Pesen narodov SSSR (Song of the Soviet people). Voice and orchestra
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