Arcon, Lem 20.jan.1921-2002 Germany, Leipzig - Hamburg
pianist, saxophonist, composer for radio, tv and film, 1936 timpanist and violist in a school orchestra in Berlin, flutist and double bassist in a military band, 1946 founded his own band, 1973 manager 'recorded music' with Chappell music publishing in Hamburg, 1987-2000 residing in Hamburg

Title Parts

[] Tanz nach dem kompass. Tenor and dance orchestra. Hamburg 1961
[] Dreamers design. Dance intermezzo. Tenor and dance orchestra. Hannover 1975
[] Rouge et noir. Dance band. 1979
[] Blues fur Sophia. Dance orchestra
[] Schein schein schein, liebe sonne. 1951
Sunshine Quartett, Kurt Widmann Orchester

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