Arioni, Johann cc1849-17.apr.1925 Germany, ?Mainz - Netherlands, Amsterdam
1884-1897 merchant display items at Singel 401 Amsterdam, 1900-1907 at Heerengracht 372, 1905-1916 also and later exclusively wholesale importer/exporter of many different goods, 8.mar.1886 residing in Amsterdam he recieved a honorable mention in a competition by the Berlin weekly magazine 'Das Echo' for his translation into german of the dutch poem 'Zonsopgang aan de zeekust', 22.jul.1893 Mevr Wed. Dr. D. J. Coster from Scheveningen arrived together with J Arioni and family uit Amsterdam at Hilversum, 5.jul.1901 the firm of J. Arioni in Amsterdam cooperated in the Weldadigheidsfeest in Amsterdam organized by the Liefdadigheidsvereeniging 'Door Transvaal ontstaan' ; related to Isidor Arioni (Germany, Mainz 23.jul.1849-26.may.1920 Amsterdam) merchant in Amsterdam, 1.nov.1883 in Amsterdam married to Anna Coster (?Amsterdam 1860-17.apr.1925 Den Dolder) (dau of David Jacob Coster and Saartje Manus), 2.jan.1889 naturalized dutchman

Title Parts

[] Transvaalse ballade. Drie kogels "Het schemert reeds". Voor zangstem en piano. op6
dedication : Opgedragen aan D. J. Coster-Manus
woorden naar het duitsch van Gedicht von Dr. Rud-Presber Drei Schusse "Schon fallen die schatten"
music and words translated from german to dutch by J. Arioni
printed by C. G. Roder, Leipzig, published in the Netherlands and in South Africa
ms Nederlands Muziek Instituut, Den Haag, Netherlands
ms University of Pretoria, South Africa

[] Het Hamertje. Voice and piano
sung by Johan Schmier and J. A. Kwast in a concert at the garden of Oud-Roosenburgh in Watergraafsmeer Amsterdam 28jul1901

[] Ballade transvalienne "Trois balles"
composition musicale de J. Arioni, Amsterdam
cadeau offert par la Societe des Editeurs hollandais-afrikaander, Amsterdam
gift at the International Exposition in Scheveningen 1902, an exposition of paintings, sculptures and other works of art donated by artists from around the world for the International Lottery for widows, orphans and other poor Boers in South Africa

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