Arison, Harold Lindsey 'Lin' 9.sep.1919-29.oct.1998 USA Pennsylvania, Uniontown - Virginia, Sterling
pianist, harpist, bandmaster, 1937-1941 BS from Pennsylvania State College where he studied piano and harmony with William Henninger, 1942 graduated from the Army Music School, 24.mar.1944-2.mar.1946 he served in France as bandmaster of the US Special Services Band, 1945-1946 studied at Trinity College of Music in London where he studied harp with Gwendolyn Mason and composition with Arthur Dunwell, 1949 bandmaster of the US Military Academy Band in West Point NY ; son of supply clerk Harold Lindsey Arison sr. (Uniontown 3.oct.1897-jun.1983 Uniontown) and Ruth Anna Thorne (Uniontown 1.jun.1893-6.jan.1936 Uniontown) ; 25.may.1942 he married US Army major Mary Jane (Uniontown 3.jun.1923-10.nov.2004 Sterling)

Title Parts

[] Theme and variations. Piano
[] Ainsi les jours passent. Symphonic band
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