Armitage, Volanti John d'Albert 12.nov.1867-22.nov.1906 England Surrey, Rotherhithe - London Highgate
pianist, organist, 8.dec.1867 baptized at St Mary in Rotherhithe residing at 4 Silver Street, 1892-1895 as teacher of music boarding at 3 Albert Square in London Tower Hamlets, 1895-1906 organist of St Joseph's Church Highgate, 1898-1900 as professor of music residing at 92 Cromwell Avenue in London Highgate, 16.may.1900 he played the organ at St Joseph's in a special service for the death of a choirboy, 1901 conductor of St Joseph's Philharmonic Society, 1902 principal of Great Northern Academy of Music, 1904-1906 as teacher of music residing at 66 Junction Road in London Islington, he died after an illness for some months at his residence on Dresden Road Highgate ; son of seed agent Joseph Armitage and Emma

Title Parts

[] Ave Maria. Tenor solo and quartett
pub R. Butler, London 1888

[] The Brooklet. Song
words Longfellow
pub Boosey & Co., London & New York 1899

[] Eleanor. Bolero. In F and A. Tenor / Baritone
words E. Teschemacher
pub Leonard & Co., London 1901

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