Armstrong, John A jan.1849-24.feb.1913 England, ? - USA Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
flutist, minstrel song composer, 1869 emigrated to the USA, he worked with the minstrels Lewis 'Lew' Dockstader (Connecticut, Hartford 1853-26.oct.1924 New York City) and Frank Dumont (NY, Utica 15.jan.1848-), 1878 he was flute soloist in the Ward & Webb's Minstrels opened 4.mar.1878 in Philadelphia and disbanded after a season of two weeks bad business, 1880-1913 residing in Philadelphia, 1880 as musician boarding at 1107 Bingham House 11th Market Street, 1881 as musician residing at 1015 Cherry Street, 1884-1885 as musician at 443 North 11th Street, 1889-1892 as musician and music teacher at 1106 Spring Garden, 1894-1901 as musician at 2632 Bancroft Street, 1910-1913 as musician at 2922 Ridge Avenue ; son of John A Armstrong (England -) and Mary (England -) ; he never married

Title Parts

[] I'm waiting an answer from thee. Song and chorus
words R. Newcomb
pub London 1877

[] Her front name is Hannah. Comic song and chorus
words B. Carter
pub C. Sheard, London 1878

[] He's never done anything since
The popular comic song. Sung by all the minstrels
by Frank Dumont and Lewis Dockstader, arranged by John A. Armstrong
pub Willis Woodward & Co., New York Broadway 1886

[] It's English, you know, a comic delineation of the English swell. Song
words Lewis Dockstader
pub C. Sheard, London 1889
pub Strange & Co., Toronto 1883/1888

[] The English swell. Song. Voice and piano
words Lewis Dockstader
pub W. Paxton, London 1882/1909

[] Come back to Erin. Fantasia for flute and piano
music John A. Armstrong, revised by Frederick S. Newcombe
pub C. Fischer, New York 1913

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