Armytage, Percy bap.10.jun.1853-4.jun.1934 England Lancashire, Padiham - London Cranford
baptized at St Mary's Church in London Westminster, MVO (Member of the Royal Victorian Order), 1871 as clerk residing with his parents, a one year old sister and 6 servants (cook, ladys maid, housemaid, kitchenmaid, butler, nurse) at 35 Belgrave Road in London Westminster, 1881 as stock broker residing with his parents, 2 sisters and 3 servants (nurse, housemaid, kitchenmaid) at 2 Knaresborough Road in London Kensington, 1890-1891 as general agent and director of The Children's Orchestra residing with wife and 3 servants (house servant, 2 housemaids) at 28A Hans Place London with office at 1A Wilton Place in London Knightsbridge, 1895 as agent for all entertainments &c. with office at 1A Wilton Place, 1900-1902 living on own means residing with his wife and 5 servants (cook, housemaid, kitchenmaid and 2 footmen) at 28 Hans Place, 1911 as gentleman usher to H. M. the King residing with baron Charles Paget Fitzhardinge, a niece and 20 servants (valet, under butler, 2 footmen, hall boy, odd man, lodge porter, housekeeper, cook, ladies maid, 4 housemaids, stillroom maid, 2 kitchenmaids, scullery maid, 2 laundry maids) at Berkeley Castle Gloucestershire, 1934 residing at Meadow Bank in London Cranford ; son of captain/colonel Henry Armytage (Hertfordshire, Langley Abbotts 1828-18.apr.1901 London Hanover Square) and peers daughter the honourable Fenella Fitzhardinge Berkeley (Sussex, Bosham 10.jul.1832-20.nov.1903 London Hanover Square) ; 25.apr.1888 at St Pauls London he married the 23 year older widowed colonel's daughter Rosetta Philippa Cameron (Wales, Swansea 4.nov.1830-31.dec.1902 London)

Title Parts

[] The Westminster polka. Piano
pub Hopwood & Crew, London 1882

[] La Joie des enfants. Polka-Mazurka. Piano
pub Metzler & Co., London 1887

[] St. George's march
pub Hopwood & Crew, London

[] Piccadilly polka
pub Hopwood & Crew, London

[] Vol au vent. Polka
pub Hopwood & Crew, London

[] The Pall Mall polka. Piano
? pub Metzler & Co., London

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