Arnaud, Jacques Felix Clement 16.jun.1844-28.jan.1919 France, Marseille - Marseille
trumpeter, bandmaster, 1867 trumpet major of the 4th regiment hunters on horseback, 1878-1881 professor of the hunting horn in Marseille, 1878-1888 residing at Rue Charras 2 aux Catalans, 1878-4.jun.1885 bandmaster of the fanfare of the 4th regiment hunters on horseback at caserne Mempenti in Marseille, 1895-1899 conductor of the Pionniers tambours et clairons in Marseille, at time of death residing at Rue Chateaubriand 2 ; son of rentier Francois Victor Arnaud (Marseille 12.sep.1803-11.may.1874 Marseille) and Ludivine Olympe Durbec (La Ciotat 28.jul.1804-23.may.1874 Marseille) ; 30.jul.1868 in Marseille he married rentiere Marie Anne Puzol (Ariege, Soulan 11.feb.1848-)

Title Parts

[] Le Territorial. Defile pour harmonie
pub A. Cordier, Paris 1883

[] Le Territorial. Pas redouble avec clairon et tambour ad lib. Harmonie / Fanfare
in Pazdirek erroneously ascribed to Arnaut
pub L. Billaudot, Paris

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