'Baumes-'Arnaud, J Hippolyte 17??-1857 France, ? - ?, ?
singer, professor of singing, settled in Paris where he immediately placed himself in the front row, 1841 he added Baumes to his name to avoid confusion with several singers named Arnaud in Paris, 1841-1842 he gave concerts accompanied by the belgian violinist Dubois in Lyon, Grenoble, Vichy and Mont-d'Or, 1.dec.1842 back from his travels he opened singing courses for ladies at Rue Taitbout 9 in Paris, 30.dec.1842 he gave a concert at his salons Rue Taitbout to which he invited the public for free access and the singers Ponchard and Mme Sabatier and the pianist Mlle Loveday and violinist Alard, 1843 he taught singing for some months at the Conservatory of Gent Belgium, on his publications his name appears as J. H. Arnaud, J. Hypolite Arnaud and H. Baumes-Arnaud

Title Parts

[] Le temps fuit. Romance-valse. Voice and guitar
mise en musique par J. H. Arnaud, accompagnement de guitare par Meissonnier Jeune (Jean Antoine Meissonnier 1783-1857)
pub Chez tous les marchands de musique. Paris 1821/1830
pub Chez Arnaud, Editeur, Lyon 1821/1830

[] Au depart, au retour. Romance
music Hippolyte Baumes-Arnaud
dedicated and sung by Mme Sabatier at his soiree 30dec1842 in Paris

[] Berthe la Folle
music Hippolyte Baumes-Arnaud
sung by M. Ponchard at his soiree 30dec1842 in Paris

[] Romance des Romance
sung by Hippolyte Baumes-Arnaud at his soiree 30dec1842 in Paris
"a real little masterpiece of spirit and feeling, which will be sung this winter in all the salons"

[] Ingrat Lycas. Romance. Medium voice and piano
paroles de Mr. Charles Catelin, mise en musique par J. Hypolite Arnaud
pub Chez tous les marchands de musique, Paris 184?
pub Chez Arnaud, Lyon 184?

[] La chanson de l'alouette. Voice and guitar
paroles de Mr Victor de La Prade, musique de H. Baumes-Arnaud
pub J. Meissonnier, Paris 1844

[] C'est an pays qu'on doit mourir. Romance
music Baumes-Arnaud
pub B. Schott, Mainz 1845

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