Arnold, John f1903-f1931 USA ?, ?
composer of piano music, his rag dance 'Soko' instantly became a worldwide hit, remarkable that no other music by him is known, 1931 residing in New York City

[? John B Arnold born 1869 New York state, 1930 single and unemployed orchestra musician residing at 446 West 41st Street in New York Manhattan ; son of parents born in Ireland]
[? John A Arnold 1917 musician residing at 745 Trinity Avenue]

Title Parts

[] Soko. Moorish intermezzo, march and two-step. Piano
dedication: To my friend, Mr. W. J. Collins
copyright Whitney Warner Publishing Co., Detroit 1903
copyright renewal John Arnold, New York 10jan1931
pub Whitney Warner Publishing Co., Detroit 1903
pub Francis, Day & Hunter, London, England 1903
pub C. M. Roehr, Berlin 1903
pub Allan & Co., Melbourne, Australia 1903
pub Hachette, Paris 1907
recorded five times by the Columbia Orchestra in New York City 1904..
recorded by the Garde-Regiment zu Fuss 2 in Berlin 1906

[] Moorish. One-step march intermezzo. Piano
pub Jerome H. Remick & Co., New York 18jul1919

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