Arnold, Joseph Andrew 4.dec.1875-1.apr.1943 England London Kent, Woolwich - London Kent, Plumstead
organist, choirmaster, 9.jan.1976 baptized at St Mary Magdalene in Woolwich, born and 1881 residing at 10 Paradise Place in Woolwich Dockyard, 1897 organist/choirmaster of the Royal Dockyard church in Woolwich, 1898-1900 of St Margaret's church in Plumstead, 1900-1921 of All Saints church in Plumstead, 1910-1920 residing at 22 Dallin Road in Plumstead, 1943 residing at 8 Wrottesley Road ; son of engine fitter Joseph Arnold (Buckinghamshire, Wolverton 30.may.1841-21.apr.1918 Woolwich) and Emma Bradley (Northampton 1844-1.jan.1928 Woolwich) ; 1904 in Woolwich he married Emily Louisa Newton (Plumstead 1.jun.1878-9.jun.1961 Woolwich)

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