Arrillaga, Vicente (Vincent) 'de' 7.nov.1879-11.apr.1958 USA California, San Francisco - San Francisco
pianist, organist, he consistently used the insertion 'de' between his first and last name, studied with his father at the Arrillaga Musical College in San Francisco, piano with Hans von Schiller in London, at the Virgil School of Music in Thunder Bay California, with L Falls and John W Metcalf in California, 1905 founder/director of the Arrillaga Piano School in Kewanee Illinois, for 25 years church and theatre organist in Northern California, 1914-1949 music teacher and director of his father's Arrillaga Musical College at 2315 Jackson Street in San Francisco, 1926 one of his piano students was composer/musicologist Maria de Baratta (San Salvador 1894-), 1930 organist of St Vincent de Paul Church in San Francisco, 1930 residing in Oakland California ; son of composer Santiago Arrillaga and Hortancia Clementina Savin (Mexico, La Paz 26.apr.1861-21.jan.1937 Oakland) ; 1902 in Kewanee he married music teacher Amelia C (Ohio 1879- ; 1930 inmate at Laguna Honda Home San Francisco), divorced 1918 ; 25.jan.1951 in Sonoma he married Ruth F (Philadelphia 1902-) with whom he had lived together as man and wife since 1921/1929

Title Parts

[] Ave Maria. Voice and piano
copyright music Vincent de Arrillaga, San Francisco 18sep1950

[] Malaguena (Andalucia). Spanish dance. Piano
music Santiago Arrillaga, edited by V. de Arrillaga (Arrillaga Musical College)
pub Sherman, Clay & Co., San Francisco 12nov1926

[] La paloma (The dove). Voice and piano
music Sebastian Yradier, english translation Vincent Arrillaga (Cuando sali de la Habana valgame Dios / Day that I left Havanna the Lord be praised)
pub Sherman, Clay & Co., San Francisco 1921

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