Artot de Padilla, Josephine Desiree 11.jun.1835-3.apr.1907 France, Paris 8e - Germany, Berlin
mezzo/soprano singer, 14.jun.1835 baptized at Eglise Saint-Denys du Saint-Sacrement, studied with Pauline Viardot in London and Paris, 1857 made her first concert appearances in London and Paris, 1859 she performed in Berlin whereafter she spent the greater part of her career in Germany, nov.1868 while performing in Russia Tchaikovsky dedicated his Romance in f opus 5 to her and proposed marriage to her ; daughter of composer Jean Desire Artot ; 15.sep.1869 in Sevres she married the baritone Mariano Ramos y Padilla (Spain, Murcia 16.mar.1834-20.nov.1906 Paris) ; daughter soprano Dolores 'Lola' Artot de Padilla (Sevres 5.oct.1876-12.apr.1933 Berlin)

Title Parts

[] Cadenza for Donizetti's Fille du regiment (cadenza on the syllable "Ah!" preceding Marie's "Chacun le sait")
autograph manuscript ?1859
pub Leopold Ganz album of autographs

[] Schwedische Lieder. Hohe stimme und pianoforte
bearbeitet und herausgegeben von Desiree Artot de Padilla
pub Ries & Erler, Berlin 1886
[] 1 - Der Schweinehirt
[] 2 - Liebesfruhling
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