Arvellos (Arvelos), Januario da Silva sr. 1790-1844 Brazil, Rio de Janeiro - Rio de Janeiro
choirmaster, of spanish origin, bandmaster of banda da Guarda Municipal, instrumentalist in the Imperial Chapel, he was a prominent figure at court during the first half of the 19th century, already a respected composer since the time of Dom Joao VI (1816-1822 king of Brazil), he was teacher of Dom Pedro I (1822-1831 emperor of Brazil), 4.may.1838 he was the first music master and music teacher at Colegio Pedro II, 31.aug.1838 because of illness he ended his lessons at Collegio Pedro II and 19.jan.1839 was also released from the post of music master, his sublime chants were placed in the line of the great composers padre Jose Mauricio Nunes Garcia, padre Manuel da Silva Rosa and Marcos Antonio Portugal ; father of composer Januario da Silva Arvellos jr.

Title Parts

[] A batalha da Ilha Terceira. Overture
music for piano Francisco de Paula Santiago, transcribed for orchestra Januario Arvellos on the occasion of the birthday of Maria II, Queen of Portugal
performed in the year of inauguration of the Colegio Pedro II, 1838
also received the greatest applause when performed in Lisbon Portugal

[] Variacoes de Cor ingles
performed at the official inauguration of the first Brazilian Music Conservatory on 13 August 1848

[] Donzela por piedade nao pertubes
[] Que noites eu passo
[] Modinhas and Lundus (some listed under Januario da Silva Arvellos filho (jr.) are also attributed to Januario da Silva Arvellos sr.)
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