Ashe, Andrew 1756-30.apr.1838 Ireland Antrim, Lisburn - Dublin
flutist, 1769 adopted by naval captain Count Bentinck with whom he grew up in Den Haag Netherlands, 1778 flutist at the Brussels Opera, 1792 at the Italian Opera House in London, 1805 at the King's Theatre in London, 1810-1822 residing in Walcot Somerset where he was director of the Bath concerts, 1822-1838 residing in Dublin, 30.apr.1838 buried at Merrion near Dublin ; son of Samuel Ashe (Lisburn 4.aug.1712-) and Jane ; 19.sep.1799 in Cheltenham Gloucestershire England he married singer Mary Comer (Bath Walcot 13.apr.1774-1843)

Title Parts

[] Flute concerto. 1792
no compositions by Ashe have been published or saved in manuscript

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