Ashley, Sydney Derick Morton 6.dec.1901-13.nov.1976 England, London Lambeth - Hampshire, Headley
organist, choirmaster, studied at the Royal Academy of Music, Fellow of the Royal College of Organists, 1926-1972 organist/choirmaster of Christ Church in Sutton London, 1941-1945 teacher piano and singing at the Royal Academy of Music, 1949-1972 residing at 113 Brighton Road in Sutton, 1976 at 10 Glebo Road in Headley ; 1937 in Surrey he married Irene Emily Hickin (London Camberwell 1909-)

Title Parts

[] Four sacred songs. Alto
pub Novello & Co., London. 1930
1 - A hope. words C. Kingsley
2 - Mother to babe. words G. Meredith
3 - The call. words G. Herbert
4 - The lowest place. words C. Rossetti
[] What sudden blaze of song. Carol. Soprano, alto, 2 tenors and bass
words J. Keble
pub Novello & Co., London 1932

[] Communion Service for congregation and choir
pub Novello & Co., London 1935

[] Carting Hay. Hedingham. Unison song
words B. V. Golds
pub Novello & Co., London 1939

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