Astrella, Francesco 1857-5.sep.1905 Italy, Moliterno - England Berkshire, Windsor
1871 as 13 year old musician lodging with an italian seven piece musical ensemble in St Andrew Plymouth, 1881 as musician residing with wife and 2 children at 11 Eyre St Hill in London Holborn, 1891 as teacher of music residing with wife and 7 children at 15 Chal... Road in London Hackney, 1901 as musician residing with his second wife and 9 children at 106 Napier Road in London West Ham ; 28.oct.1877 at Holy Trinity in Hounslow London he married musician Rebecca Lawton (Hertfordshire, Watford 1858-1894 London Whitechapel) ; c1896 he married Mary (Torquay Ellacombe 1858-)

Title Parts
[] "Little Dear" Gavotte. For the piano
dedicated to Miss Edith Maud Mary Penfold
pub D. Wilcock, London c1890

[] La bella Inglesa. Valse. Piano
pub Wilcock Bros., London 1892

[] Sempre con te (Always with thee). Piano with violin accompaniment
pub Moore, Smith & Co., London 1892
[] 1 - Sempre con te. Waltz. Piano and violin obligato
[] 2 - Sempre con te. Quadrille. Piano and violin obligato
[] Dance of the Mannikins, for pianoforte
pub Moore, Smith & Co., London 1895

[] The Royal Windsor march. Piano
pub J. Williamson, Windsor 1905

[] La Pastorelle. Piano
pub Pitman, Hart & Co., London b1906

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