Atkinson, Robert Whitman 14.dec.1868-1933 USA Massachusetts, Boston Brookline - Boston Brookline
1910-1933 composer, musician, writer and agent in Boston, 1913 graduated from Harvard University Boston Cambridge ; son of president fire insurance company Edward Atkinson (Boston 1827-11.dec.1905 Boston) and Mary Caroline Heath (Massachusetts 1.jun.1830-12.dec.1907 Boston) ; 5.mar.1904 he married Elizabeth Bispham Page (Philadelphia 27.mar.1875-1962 Massachusetts, Middlesboro)

Title Parts

[] Obispah waltzes. Boston 1891
comp with L. S. Thompson
on airs from the Hasty pudding play Obispah by B. A. Gould
arr for piano by Launce Knight

Mrs. Craigin's daughter. Song and chorus
pub Oliver Ditson, Boston

Mulligan musketeers. TTBB
pub Oliver Ditson, Boston

Party at Oad Fellows Hall. Song and chorus
pub Oliver Ditson, Boston

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