Atwell, Richard 3.dec.1767-28.may.1833 USA Massachusetts, Attleboro - Connecticut, Bridgeport
organist, 9.jan.1793 he was proposed by Daniel Read to sell his books 'The American Singing Book' in Alexandria Virginia, after 1793 trading for Daniel Read in Connecticut, 1793 he resided in Huntington Connecticut, 4.apr.1826 he moved to Bridgeport Connecticut, 3.may.1816-18.nov.1818 he and his wife were church members in Shelton near Huntington and 2.feb.1823-24.jan.1830 of a church in Bridgeport ; son of William Atwell (Attleboro 9.nov.1741-4.mar.1775 Attleboro) and Mary Fuller (Attleboro 18.may.1746-) ; in Huntington he married Anna ; their son Richard Henry was baptized 10.sep.1809 in Shelton

Title Parts

[] Christmas suite "The shepherds". Organ
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