Aymes, Pierre Charles Hippolyte 15.dec.1815-6.sep.1873 France, Montpellier - Marseille
proprietaire, general counsel, Chevalier de la Legion d'honneur, 1838 he collaborated with composer Victor Roger (Montpellier 1811-1901 Montpellier), 1871/1873 he subscribed for the reconstruction of the Palais de la Legion d'honneur in Paris which was burned 23.may.1871 ; son of rentier Jean Pierre Amedee Celestin Aymes and Claire Francoise Felicite Mercier (-29.aug.1844 Montpellier) ; 6.feb.1861 in Algiers Algeria he married Pauline Delaplanche (1831-) ; son lawyer Pierre Jean (Algiers 15.dec.1862-), dau Jeanne Eugenie Dolores (Algiers 31.dec.1870-)

[not to confuse with tenor singer Aimes sometimes spelled Aymes who also composed : see his page]

Title Parts

[] Les Jacobites. Opera. Montpellier 1838
words and music by Victor Roger and Hippolyte Aymes [Fetis and Stieger]

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