Backer (Debacker), Claude Emile Henri de 21.oct.1948- Belgium, Mons
amateur pianist, organist and choirmaster, at a very young age he played the piano four-hands with his father and learning the rudiments of music theory, 1959-1961 studied piano and music theory at the music school of Mons, 1971 graduated in technical engineering which became his regular profession, 1984 decided to study organ seriously, 1996 graduated in organ under Patrick Roose from the Academy of Wemmel, since settling in Brussel he serves as organist and sometimes as choirmaster at the Basilique of Koeckelberg, Eglise du Divin Enfant-Jesus in Laeken, Eglise Sainte-Claire in Jette and Eglise des Saints-Anges in Laeken ; grandson of Emile II

Title Parts

[] Messe de Saint-Francois. Mixed choir and organ or guitar. 1999
written for the parish choir of Eglise Sainte-Claire in Jette and named after its patron Saint-Francois
[] 1 - Kyrie "Seigneur prends pitie"
[] 2 - Gloria "Gloire a Dieu"
[] 3 - Alleluia
[] 4 - Priere "Priere universelle"
[] 5 - Sanctus "Saint le Seigneur"
[] 6 - Anamnese "Il est grand le mystere de la foi"
[] 7 - Pater "Notre Pere"
[] 8 - Agnus Dei "Agneau de Dieu"
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